90° UTP Punch Down

Unshielded Side Entry Punch Down Keystone Module

It is ETL Verified Connecting Hardware with PoE+ function. Designed with impedance-matching technique for improving Return Loss and compensation methodology to counteract Near End Crosstalk & Far End Crosstalk.

With Press-Fit production technology, it is more reliable and also promises a better quality of conductivity. A more stable transmission performance is guaranteed since there is no other medium that takes effect in between PCB and contacts.

It is designed with cone shape IDC, that it is easier and faster for twisted-pair wire lacing.

The cap design is removal & quick wiring identification and the compact design can support high density gang frames & patch panels.

The connectors are plated with 50u" gold and special designed to prevent the spark to impact or deteriorate the RJ45 connectors and leading degradation of transmission performance, when in PoE+ application.

Made in Taiwan, TAA Compliant.
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