Modular Plug


Greatest flexibility, less trouble.

LaPlus field termination plugs support wire gauge from 22AWG to 27AWG, insulation diameters from 0.8mm to 1.47mm, cable diameters from 5.0mm to 9.9mm. They can solve all the trouble you meet on-site when trying to install plugs on over sized cables. They offer easy plug installation method wherever on-side, in equipment room or in data center.

LaPlus field termination plugs are compliant with IEEE 802.3at PoE+ standard, which make them become the best item to apply on Direct Attach application as defined in BICSI/ANSI D005 standard.

Patch cords made with LaPlus field termination plugs on both ends could reach component level patch cord performance, as long as the cable which you are using is component rated, and length is within ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 parameter.

LaPlus supplies essentially designed field termination plugs in Shielded (STP) solutions, comply with requirements of ANSI/TIA-1096-A (former FCC Part 68) and Level A reliability requirements of IEC 60603-7 for RJ45 8-way connector.

Our field termination plugs covers performance range in both TIA/EIA Category 6A (Cat6A) and ISO/IEC Category 6A, and meets the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, ISO/IEC 11801 Ed. 2.2 and CENELEC EN 50173-1 cabling standard.
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