Termination Tool

Parallel Crimping Tool


This parallel crimping tool features convenience, efficiency and harmlessness approach to clamp connectors on the cable.

It provides best approximated parallel clamping force on connectors to make sure IDCs are surely connected with wires.

To install tool-less keystone jack and field terminated plug, a handy tool is always welcomed by professional installers who could install quite a number of tool-less jacks and plugs in one project.

This parallel crimping tool provides excellent quality and easy to use, just hold the handle and press to successfully clamp the wire and the connectors tightly together and save installation effort and cost.
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Best approximated parallel clamping force on tool-less connectors.
Prevent contact damage on connectors from tilt termination.
Effort-saving and cost economical on projects with a number of tool-less connectors.
Ergonomic grip.
Rugged construction.
Best with LaPlus field terminated plug and tool-less jacks.


Main body: Carbon steel
Crip: Thermoplastic Rubber (PP+TPR), Yellow / Green


RoHS 2 Compliant

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